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Semperfli Peccary Quills


True Peccary Quills is the synthetic alternative which provides the perfect Peccary quill every time. , Unlike natural Peccary which can be difficult to get hold of, or if you can source it, the quality is sometimes not what we hoped for. Natural Peccary is often brittle and hard to use. You may have tried soaking it and experienced this first hand? However that is no longer an issue.

For the transparent peccary quill anything tied below the Quill shows through, from threads to tinsels muted to a fluorescent thread, these base materials will shine through the transparent peccary beautifully.

In True Peccary Quills Synthetic 1mm there are 25 quills per pack. Each quill is 100mm in length (you can get 2 flies per quill depending on your fly size.


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