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The Osprey Fly Box: Flies of the Pacific Northwest


The Osprey Fly Fishers of British Columbia is the second oldest fly fishing club in the province. The club was established in 1969 and was one of the founding clubs of the BC Federation of Fly Fishers. The club has a storied history and has had numerous members who have made significant contributions to the fly fishing community on conservation and environmental issues. Other members are published authors in various print media, sharing their knowledge with the fly fishing community at large. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the club, the decision was made to create a book of fly patterns celebrating the history of the Osprey Fly Fishers – a book featuring patterns that were originated by members of the Osprey Fly Fishers of BC and the consensus picks of the membership at large across numerous groups of flies.

Project Manager and Chief Editor, Sandy McKinlay, surveyed club members asking for their “go to flies” across a broad range of groups of flies and then narrowed the list down to a “short list” of flies for each group. Many of these patterns have been around for decades. Others will have been developed within the past decade and may be relatively unknown outside of South Western British Columbia. Sandy then enlisted a member of the Ospreys – including published authors Phil Rowley, Peter Caverhill and Danie Erasmus – to share their knowledge of how to fish a specific group of flies.

Each fly was professionally photographed “on location” – from the shore of a lake, along a river, on a dock or at the sea shore. The detail is incredible, the photography – spectacular!The Osprey Fly Box will be a valuable reference guide for anyone fishing the waters of the Pacific Northwest – be it stillwaters, rivers and streams or saltwater beaches. There are six chapters for stillwaters, three for rivers and streams, and one each for cutthroat, steelhead, freshwater salmon and saltwater salmon. In total, over 125 flies are presented with detailed recipes.

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