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Jackall Rhythm Wag


The Rhythm Wag is a versatile stick bait that provides anglers with the perfect solution for weightless rigs, drop shots, jig heads, and Carolina rigs. The Rhythm Wag features a split-tail design that emits fish-attracting vibrations and gives the bait a dynamic swimming action. This versatile soft plastic features a hook slit on top to help hide the hook and ensure the bait is straight. The Rhythm Wag also features a hole in the rear of the lure to make it easier for anglers to rig when fishing a back-slide technique, enabling the bait to glide backward under cover. Featuring a two-layer construction with a denser “High-Gravity” material in its lower half, the Rhythm Wag maintains a stable action when twitched and aids in giving it an enticing shimmy action during the fall. The added density also enables long casts, even when fished weightless. Ideal for anglers fishing a variety of techniques, the Rhythm Wag is the all-around perfect soft bait for targeting trophy bass.

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