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Jackall Bounty Fish 158


Jackall designed the Jackall Bounty Fish 158 to allow anglers to fish on cover with a walk-the-dog action in a way that simply can’t be done with hard baits. The soft jerkbait-style lure features a heavily ribbed section that grabs water and slows it down during the retrieve, keeping it in the strike zone longer to trigger aggressive bites. The Bounty Fish’s unique Net-Joint System doesn’t just walk-the-dog with ease, it enables the tail portion to flutter even on a dead stick. For increased versatility, anglers can add a nail weight to the Bounty Fish 158 so that it can be fished with a slow sink to trigger additional bites.

4 Bounty Fish 158 per pack


  • Net-Joint System
  • Ribbed Body
  • High-Buoyancy Material
  • Knot Guard
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