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Gibbs Mac Fish


The Delta Mac Fish lure is perfect for Salmon and Bottom fish jigging, a versatile addition to any tackle box.

Use a chain or ball bearing swivel between the leader and the line for effective rigging.

Recommended leader lengths:
– Jigging: 3-6 feet
– Spin casting: 2-3 feet
– Trolling: 2-4 feet

Jigging for Salmon:
Lower the Mac Fish to the feeding depth, raise the rod tip 3-4 feet, and let it free-fall for strikes. When you feel a strike, set the hook.

Jigging for Bottom Fish:
Lower the Mac Fish to the seabed, raise it 2 feet, and jig. Most strikes occur within 5 feet of the bottom, and flatfish may grab it when resting on the seabed or in motion on smooth, sandy bottoms.

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