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Fly Tying

We have what you need for tying the perfect fly or jig!

We carry an every growing selection of materials for the perfect fly and jig. We are always on the search for new materials, products and colours.

Fly Fur

We are happy to announce the arrival of the amazing Fly Fur line of synthetic fur, made by Fair Flies. This material is a great replacement for marabou making better flowing and profiled flies and jigs. Not only is it great to tie with, it is fully biodegradable.

We have 12 colours in stock, and are happy to say that we are the first store in Canada to carry this fantastic product. Stop by and take a look.

Furs and Hairs

We carry a wide range of furs and hairs, including rabbit, squirrel, mink, fox, polar bear, deer, elk, bucktail and more.


We have the right feathers for the job. Including, blood quill and spey marabou, Metz capes, saddles, hackle, quills, ostrich, rooster, goose biots, schlappen, intruder drabs, jungle cock and more.


We got a large selection of dubbing in a wide variety of awesome colours. Including the popular: simi seal, ice dub, mohair, natural fur blend, seal fur and STS Trilobal.


We carry a wide variety of chenille, brill UV, micro UV polar chenille, pearl chenille, aqua veil chenille, krystal flash chenille and ice chenille…. to name a few.

Beads and Eyes

What would a fly be without beads and eyes?? We carry a large assortment of beads and eyes, including painted, holographic, mono, boobie eyes, boobie cylinders, flooz eyes. Our bead selection is vast, and includes cyclops, cone head, tungsten, glass, plummeting, nymph head, slotted and tru-fit.

Threads and Wire

Every tie needs a good thread or wire. We carry an assortment of wires and threads for all sorts of patterns and sizes.


Not only do we have a large assortment of colours, we carry a number of popular items including Flashabou, Buzzer Wrap, Senyo’s Predator Wrap, Krystal Flash and more.

Fair Flies Dubbing Brushes

We carry a full line of Fair Flies 5D brushes. These brushes are the new trend in fly and jig tying and are a must see.