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Advanced Stillwater Techniques with Tom Johannesen

This advanced class is geared towards anglers wanting to learn more advanced techniques for stillwater fly fishing.

The course consists of 3 hours of in-class learning.

The course is designed to teach anglers on:

– Choosing the right gear for different type of water conditions
– Fly selection for BC lakes covering all seasons
– Most productive times and locations for targeting trout

This course is a wealth of information for those wanting to improve their stillwater trout fishing in BC lakes.

July 26 2019
Advanced Stillwater Techniques with Tom Johannesen
  • Date: July 26, 2019
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $25 plus GST
  • Location: Hatch Match'r Fly and Tackle
  • Class Size: 20 Max
  • Instructor: Tom Johannesen
Tom Johannesen

Instructor: Tom Johannesen

Tom has had the good fortunate to be an avid fly-tier and fly-fisherman in beautiful British Columbia for over forty years. Writing and guest-hosting fishing programs for television have been part of the interests that fuel his passion. To date Tom has had well over one hundred and fifty articles published in Canadian outdoor magazines including BC Sport Fishing, BC Outdoors, Outdoor Edge, Canadian Fly Fisher, Home Waters, Reel Angler and Island Fisherman. His excursions and writing assignments began on the Lower Mainland and have since taken him throughout British Columbia in search of new and more exciting fisheries to photograph and write about. Articles to his credit have consisted of useful information on fly-fishing along with numerous lodge profiles and weekend outings. Tom enjoys writing on specific techniques and aquatic life as it helps the readers better understand the many mysteries involved in becoming an avid fly-fisherman. Over the past fifteen years Tom has been a guest speaker at numerous fly clubs, tackle shops and schools on the Lower Mainland. He has always enjoyed sharing his experiences in the world of fly-fishing with others.