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Fundamental Fly Tying 101 (4-Week Course)

This popular workshop is designed to get you started into the creative world of fly tying.

In this 4 week introductory course, students will learn proper techniques, tool management and learn the skills needed to build a strong foundation for creative tying.

We will teach you modern and commercial methods to help you manage vise time and select proper materials for creating flys. Also ideal for tiers who have not had formal training but want to learn proper technique and tricks of the trade. Learn to master “V -out techniques” , soft loop and pinch loops to create that bug.

Week 1:

Understanding the tools of the trade: half hitching and whip finish techniques. Learning your way around a hook.

  • Tying the Woolly Bugger- understanding the flow and steps of this fly creates your foundation.
  • Carey Special/ Soft Hackle fly – learning collaring and ribbing techniques.

Week 2 :

The focus is on creating proper wing cases and shellbacks. Learn the truths and myths about dubbing.

  • Reverse wrapping and dubbing twister techniques.
  • Scuds, PT Nymph and Hares Ear.

Week 3 :

  • Steamer Work: Learn to create streamer flies for rivers and lakes
  • Proper Tinsel practice and the art of spinning is covered.

Week 4 :

The Art of the Dry Fly
Learn proper proportioning for these finicky flies. Learn the figure 8 and posting techniques.
Tom Thumb, Catskill dry flies ( Cahill Dark/Light)

Workshop sponsored by Partridge of Redditch & Lagartun Premium Tying Materials and Flymen Fishing Company.

Hooks & Materials supplied for the duration of course.

Please call shop for more details 604-467-7118

Aug 17 2018
Fundamental Fly Tying 101 (4-Week Course)
  • Dates: August 17 - 31, 2018
  • Time: Wednesdays, 7-9:30 pm
  • Cost: $90 + GST
  • Location: Hatch Match’r Fly and Tackle
  • Prerequisite: Fundamentals 101 or Equivalent
  • Instructor: Dennis Gamboa
Dennis Gamboa

Instructor: Dennis Gamboa

Dennis Gamboa from The Fly Box will be your Instructor for the Workshop. Dennis has been teaching fly tying classes for over 20 years all over the Lower Mainland. His speciality is Saltwater flies from local waters to exotic destinations. He is a Master of the art of commercial tying with over 25 years experience on his Regal Vise.

His creativity and design has earned him a spot on The Lagartun Pro Staff Team and he is also the newest Partridge Pro-TEAM Member to represent the West Coast of BC Canada. He is a contributing writer to Inspired Spaces, part of the Flymen Fishing Company Commercial Fly Tyers (CFT) Program and a Canadian Llama PRO-Tyer.