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Nano Silk 50D 12/0 Bulk 250m Spools


Nano Silk 50D 12/0 Bulk 250m Spools regarded as the tying thread of choice of professional fly tyers worldwide and is the best GSP thread on the market!

Nano Silk 50D 12/0 White Bulk Spools are ideal for your smaller flies.

Super strong, this is the highest quality thread available. Never worry about snapping your tying thread again – you can rely on Nano Silk

Nano Silk 50D 12/0 is designed for flies sizes 8 to 16, the ideal for most fly tyers. However do not be fooled because of Nano 50D thin diameter, Nano Silk 50D 12/0 is stronger than 6/0 polyester thread yet is less than 1/20th of the diameter. As a result it can be used for any fly where you do not want to see your thread.

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