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Kamooki SmartFish – 3”


SmartFish® is engineered with patented technology to deliver the most versatile presentation with every cast. The power is in your hands to SmartFish® your way.

Kamooki’s patented technology is what really separates the SmartFish® from all other lures. The secret of the SmartFish® is in harnessing the intricate relationship between the buoyant and non-buoyant properties. This is best demonstrated when the lure is resting on structure, where remarkably, the SmartFish® maintains its upright profile on a single contact point. It is in this position, that the SmartFish® achieves mechanical equilibrium. Through the harmony of its precisely crafted zinc keel and bottom-heavy design, integrated with a beautiful, uniquely shaped body, the SmartFish® comes alive!

This lure can be cranked, walked or jigged!!.

Effective for Bass, Pike, Lake Trout and Walleye

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