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Freshwater Fishing

Twitching Rods

Hatch Match’r carries two brands of fishing rods well suited for twitching jigs for coho salmon.

The Daiwa Fuego and the Leviathan Twitching Rod were specifically selected to give you the best twitching experience.

Stay tuned…. our search of rods continues.

Freshwater Rods

Whether you prefer spinning, casting or centre pin, we have a great selection to choose from with brands like Okuma, Shimano, Trophy XL, Fenwick, Daiwa and Leviathan.

Freshwater Reels

Choose from our large inventory of spinning, baitcasting, and centre pin reels. Plenty of options and your favourite brands of reels such as Shimano, Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Penn, John Milner, Islander and more.

Freshwater Line and Leader

Using the proper line in presenting lures or live bait, upon hooking a fish and landing the fish is the key to a successful catch. Visit us to see our selection of Line and Leader with brands such as Maxima, Seaguar, Berkley and P-Line.

Freshwater Lures

From spoons, spinners, Powerbait and jigs, we have your freshwater lure selection covered. Find exactly what you need among our huge selection of freshwater fishing lures, spoons, spinners and plugs. Our brands include Cleardrift, Mack’s Lure, Mepps, Gibbs-Delta, Dick Nite, Blue Fox and more.

Freshwater Terminal Tackle

Find everything you need from Hooks, Floats, Weights, and Swivels. We offer terminal tackle from leading names as Berkley, Drennan, Mustad, Gamakatsu and Eagle Claw.

Freshwater Accessories

Make your fishing trip the perfect one. Don’t forget your nets, coolers, bags, boxes and tools. With brands like  Berkley, Mustad, Gerber, etc.