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Steelhead Fly Tying with Dec Hogan

  • Steelhead Fly Tying with Dec Hogan. A hands on trying class with Dec, where you will have a chance to tie some fabulous Steelhead flies along with Dec. During this 4 hours class, Dec will methodically walk you through step by step, as you learn learn techniques that can be applied to an infinite number of Steelhead flies.
  • This class will cover the art and design of creating beautiful Steelhead flies. Dec will patiently and methodically take you step by step through the construction of each pattern. 
  • Materials included, please bring your own fly tying vise, tools and 6/0 (or 140D) thread, and a notepad!
Mar 7 2020
Steelhead Fly Tying with Dec Hogan
  • Dates: March 7, 2020
  • Time: 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Cost: $250 plus GST
  • Location: Hatch Match'r Fly and Tackle
  • Class Size: 8 people
  • Instructor: Dec Hogan
Dec Hogan

Instructor: Dec Hogan

Dec Hogan is recognized as one of the world’s most foremost expert in spey casting, fly tying and is ofter referred to as “a guide’s guide” and “a steelheader’s steelheader.” With over 40 years of experience as a fly angler and over twenty years of experience in guiding some of the premiere rivers in the Pacific Northwest, he has mastered the skills of reading waters, casting flies, and landing Steelhead. Dec Hogan has an unrivalled passion, love, knowledge and reverence for the sport of fly fishing, and the art of fly tying.  

When he is not working as a full time Fire Fighter/EMT in Layton, Utah, he can be found instructing and entertaining the fly fishing masses and designing rods for Echo, and fly lines for Airflo.

Dec has written, and continues to write for, many of North America’s  fly fishing publications, is an accomplished photographer and is one of the world’s foremost sought after spey casting instructors. Dec has starred in both spey casting and fly tying instructional DVD’s as well as authoring the highly acclaimed must-have book, A Passion for Steelhead, and now his new book co-authored with Marty Howard Steelhead Fly Tying Art and Design.